Christian Employment Articles

  • 3 Practices to Protect You from Premature Aging Related to Job Stress

    by Michael Lee Stallard
    On Christmas day in 1984, Carol Grieder, Ph.D., then a graduate student in the University of California, Berkley lab of Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D., stopped by the lab, curious to see the results of an experiment that had taken place several days earlier. Eight months of research and variations of experiments had led her to this point. There, in an image on x-ray film, was evidence that an enzyme existed that helped protect people from premature cellular ...   Read More
  • 3 Ways a Natural Procrastinator Can Learn Productivity

    by Jennifer Waddle
    “My evil genius, Procrastination, has whispered me to tarry ’til a more convenient season.’” ~Mary Todd Lincoln I once took a personality quiz that determined I was a “Creative Procrastinator.” I think it was a nice way of saying that I’m too busy walking around with my head in the clouds to get anything productive done. The many hours of thinking, dreaming, and creating is a great way of putting off the ...   Read More
  • The Christ-Centered Employee

    by Paul Tautges
    Viewing work from a truly Christian perspective requires that we build our thinking upon four foundation stones. A biblical theology of work rests upon the following: God was the first worker. The very first sentence of the Bible makes this clear. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1). In the creation of the universe, God set the example of working six days and resting one. Soon after being born again in the early ...   Read More
  • Just Do the Next Thing

    by Vaneetha Rendall Risner
    I have been barely functional for the last several months. Participating in a clinical trial for post-polio since the fall has left me exhausted, struggling with crushing fatigue and discouragement. I feel drained and overwhelmed. So many things have been left undone. My desk, piled with things to do, seems too daunting to even approach.  Where do I start? Since I can’t do everything, I wonder if I should bother to do anything. As I ...   Read More
  • 10 Problems with Doing the Best You Know How To Do

    by Ron Edmondson
    Years ago in a company we owned, there was a young man who worked for me who had tremendous potential. I believed in him so much I personally invested in him and paid special attention to him. I thought his future with our company was worth the extra time. Sadly, he never measured up to my expectations and we ended up having to part ways. Every time I would meet with him to “encourage” him, he would say the same thing. “I’m ...   Read More
  • The Best Place to Look for God's Calling

    by Nicholas Cappas
    Last week I sat with the guys around the bonfire eating barbecue and having a conversation about ambition and humility. We shared our stories and our struggles. We ate smoked pork and brisket. We heard songs from a hopeful country music list playing in the background on a not so wintry Georgia night. Our conversation touched on issues relating to how we can best live out our calling. Real people, real lives. And none of us – not even one of ...   Read More
  • 3 Examples of Being a Leader for a Season

    by Ron Edmondson
    I am frequently contacted when someone is debating the right time to leave a leadership position. I once wrote 10 Scenarios to Determine If It’s Time to Quit. It’s still one of my more requested blog topics. Deciding when it is time to leave a leadership position is one of the hardest decisions a leader makes. Thankfully, there are still leaders with a sense of loyalty, who want to do the right thing, and they simply do not know how ...   Read More
  • Finding Your Work/Life Balance in 2017

    by Terence Chatmon
    Want a 31-hour work week, move to Paris! The definition of what is work and what is personal, along with the line between them, has become blurred for some and old news for others. Work is a part of life – 46 hours of life, for those who live and work in America. And that is the key, to make work a part of life – not your whole life. We were designed for work of a different sort, to glorify the Father and enjoy Him forever. For many ...   Read More
  • 7 Practices Every Leader Needs to Know

    by Brad Lomenick
    Leading a company that produced large events for a solid decade means I’ve spent a lot of time in green rooms with “important” people. They are often places where everyone talks about books they’ve written, companies they’ve launched, money they’ve raised, and awards they’ve received. They keep others at arm’s length, and work hard to create the aura of success. (There are exceptions to the rule, of ...   Read More
  • 7 Ways a Leader Can Invite Constructive Feedback

    by Ron Edmondson
    I remember an especially hard year as a leader. It was so bad several members of our staff had told me where I was letting them down. So much for having an “open door policy”. The next year I closed the door.  Not really, but this was a year where staff members said to me, “I have a problem with you.” They may not have used those exact words, but the point was clear – I can be an idiot at times. There were significant ...   Read More