Centreville Baptist Church

Centreville, Virginia - United States

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Centreville Baptist Church
God has been building the body of Christ at Centreville Baptist Church (CBC) since July 13, 1958, when 21 people first gathered to worship God. Almost everything in Centreville has changed in the nearly 60 years since that beginning. Once farmland, Centreville is now thoroughly suburban, with the Washington DC suburbs extending 25 miles to the north, south, and west. We passionately believe one thing hasn’t changed; that is, God is still at work through CBC. In fact, we are prayerfully and expectantly seeking a revival through CBC that will fundamentally transform thousands of lives for the kingdom of Christ. Just as God did a great work by gathering His people to worship in the desert (Ex. 7:16), we believe that God will start a great work of revival in Centreville through worship. Northern Virginians are characterized by the following: ? Diverse: Centreville and the surrounding areas are leading a demographic trend in the U.S. Our community is made up of a large cross-section of people groups and languages. Typical of the suburbs, the western counties are also where many young marrieds and families choose to live, given the exorbitant real estate prices closer to DC. ? Overloaded: The cost of living is such that in homes with two parents, it is the norm that both are working full time. The work commutes are some of the longest in the nation. The western counties have some of the highest performing schools in the nation, and the environment overall is highly competitive with kids involved in lots of activities and striving to gain entry into the best universities. ? Un-churched: Like much of post-Christian America, most of the people in our communities are un-churched and have little to no concept of church. CBC is a Southern Baptist (SBCVA affiliate) church that participates in the Cooperative Program, but we are not bound to Baptist programming or ministry content. We are bound to the authority of Scripture. We value Scripture over tradition and are seeking ways to worship God in spirit and truth, while also reaching out to the lost all around us. Our mission is “To glorify God by making fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.” Our vision is “Life is better connected.” Our five core values are: mission over preference; being many peoples and one body; restoration; working in teams; and generosity. You can read more about our body, mission, vision, and values at cbcva.org.