Fort City Church

Fort McMurray, Alberta - Canada

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Fort City Church

This is northern Alberta. This is oilsands country. Fort McMurray with an average age of 32 is a vibrant youthful fun-loving city that is a place of opportunity for people from across Canada and around the world.

The people of Fort McMurray value hard work and intense play in pursuit of the good life. Sports, the outdoors and a deep appreciation of friendship are core to the ethos of our city. It's not a half bad place if you happen to be a hunting or fishing enthusiast but any sport is embraced. We are ethnically diverse where in addition to English, common languages include Arabic, Spanish, French, Filipino as well as a variety of African languages and dialects.

FORT CITY CHURCH seeks to demonstrate the life and love of Jesus in the midst of this vibrant yet challenging post-wildfire environment. We are a grace filled community who are sensitive to and inclusive of people from irreligious or other religious backgrounds, while together seeking to become fully alive Christ followers. We are captivated by the prayer of Jesus, working to see God's kingdom come, God's will done on earth as it is in heaven. We are passionate about being agents for God’s new creation, seeing lives and our city restored. 

While the wildfire has been devastating to so many families, it has led many with little to no church in their background to make their way to Fort City Church in search of answers and encouragement. This has resulted in a 40% growth in our church at a time when the wildfire has caused a decline in our city’s population. A typical Sunday can see 325 people with occasional spikes to 400. Over 900 people call Fort City their home church.  

As a church and a city, we are a unique combination of northern and frontier while also being somewhat urban and diverse. Many in our city could be described as adventuresome, perhaps even a bit wild at heart. Most people in Fort McMurray come from somewhere else, be it across Canada, the US or around the world. As a result it’s easy to develop relationships quickly and even deeply. Life here is not boring. The opportunity for the Gospel is intense