Amarillo Children's Home

Amarillo, Texas - United States

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Amarillo Children's Home

The Children’s Home is seeking a married couple to work together as Family Teachers (house parents) for at-risk youth. For 91 years, The Children’s Home has been a haven where children from backgrounds of abuse and neglect thrive in a Christ-centered, family setting. Our mission is to restore the identity of children that they will realize their great value and become a blessing to others. Our Family Teachers serve as parents to a group of 6-8 children ages K-12 (grouped by ages and gender in teen homes). Family Teachers take children to school and church, prepare meals, help with homework, take the family on vacation, and so much more. They’re the ones who listen, who accept, who nudge when kids need to be challenged and who comfort when children hurt. They receive training and support from a caring administrative team who are available to help 24/7. We offer competitive salaries ($41,600/couple), training, support, and excellent benefits, including a private apartment with utilities, a grocery allowance, medical insurance, paid time off and a 401k retirement plan. For more, visit

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