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Cross Points Church

Cross Points Church (CPC) was started 50 years ago as Full Faith Church of Love (FFCL). The church started out of a small community of people meeting in a basement, hungry to know the Lord and His Word. By the 90s, FFCL was a teaching megachurch, known as the charismatic church in Kansas City. God was working, and it was exciting.


As FFCL’s impact grew, so did pride. God had blessed us immensely, and it should have been taken with humility and praise. Soon the congregation was hearing about our former senior pastor’s moral failure. Our community, broken and hurting, was humbled. Words cannot express the difficult road toward restoration. It is difficult to deal with the hurt left from a failed leadership team. With some significant changes in leadership, a name change, and values of service and humility implemented, we strived after the Lord and His healing.


In these last few years, under our new lead pastor David Jones, we are starting to see glimpses of God’s transformative power that is providing restoration to our community. Even though we are a completely different church, we still acknowledge our past. Learning from mistakes, we have placed our value as being a humble church that serves the city. Cross Points is putting to action this value by facilitating a food bank, working with the fire and police departments, helping meet needs in the foster care community, partnering with a local anti-trafficking organization, mentoring and meeting needs in the Kansas City public schools, planning community events, and planting churches in the Johnson County area. God is bringing powerful redemption, by way of blessings, and we cannot help but serve with what He has given.


This is all happening right now, and we know God is up to something else for the time to come. A few years ago, we prayed boldly for a 12 acre property to the west of our facilities. We didn’t have a particular use for it, Pastor David had just challenged the congregation to pray bold prayers, this was Cross Points’ bold prayer. So we had several people ‘prayer circle’ the land. Not too long after, we received a phone call from someone who owned property to the south of us. The man on the phone was frustrated at the city and did not want to pay his tax liabilities. The land he owned was not the property we were praying for, but he offered his 1.2 million dollar property to us for 100 thousand dollars. We gladly accepted. The land totalled to about 20 acres, 8 acres more than we had originally prayed for! Just a month ago, we had another person come in contact with us offering us the original land we had prayed for at an incredibly low price! God is up to something! We don’t know what that is yet, but we are excited to dream alongside God and what He wants to do through us.


Cross Points is a transformed church by the redemptive power of Jesus. Our church is growing again, and this time we will be humble servants of His blessings. As we connect to Jesus, commit to each other, and create for a purpose (Cross Points’ mission statement), we dream to see the 60 thousand in our city and half a million in our county also find redemptive transformation through Jesus.