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Date Posted: 03/21/2018
Categories: Christian Teacher - Communications - Education - Missions/Int. - Other - Social Services - Translation/Linguistics
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Hiring Teachers for an American-style University Overseas (English Composition, Cross-cultural Communication, and Business Teachers)

No ablity to speak Chinese required.


Have you ever said you would be willing to serve overseas? Would you like to join a large Christian community overseas?

We are interested in people with a variety of backgrounds, but we are especially looking for those with experience or college degrees who love travel, are flexible and enjoy mentorship. We are looking for people who desire to travel and have a heart to mentor students [teaching experience preferred, but not required].


MA Degree is a minimum requirement. If you don't have teaching experience, we will refer you to a TEFL Certification recognized by the Chinese Visa office that will qualify you to get a work visa to teach overseas.

Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.


1. Cross-Culural Communications Course Description: 

The goal of this course is for students to be able to interact more effectively with people from different cultures. Students will be better able to make friends with foreign visitors, to travel overseas, or to work for international business. The focus will be on the differences between eastern and western cultures, especially between China and America.

2. General Curriculum Objectives: The student will…

  • understand the many ways that culture shapes the communication process: language and paralanguage, behavioral norms, relationships, values, and worldview.
  • understand the shared meaning approach to communication. 
  • understand the value of empathy in understanding those from different cultures.
  • understand the process of learning and adapting to a different culture. 

3. Specific Objectives: The student will be able to…  

  • view themselves as a cultural person.
  • develop empathy for people who differ.
  • improve their interpersonal communication skills, especially with those from different backgrounds.
  • adapt to foreign contexts.
  • explain one aspect of Chinese culture to a foreigner through a written and ppt presentation.

Academic teachers prepare lectures and discussions for classes of 60 students on average, and multimedia classrooms are assigned for these courses. The full-time teaching load for academics is 12 class hours a week, providing ample time for preparation and meeting with students. Textbooks and other resources, including supervision, are provided. Flexibility to provide input into new textbooks and supplemental case studies possible. Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.


Apply by April 10 for Fall Jobs (but the earlier you apply the more likely you will get a job offer).

Qualifications: You don't have to have formal teaching experience. This is a great opportunity for those who would love to travel, mentor, and touch lives in China through teaching.  


If you do have teaching experience, you are qualified for higher paying jobs. 

Our University, SIU, provides one of the smoothest transitions into the Chinese culture as you join a university that caters to their 160 foreign faculties. AIA is the official recruiting branch for SIU.


Each year we hire 20 New Career Professional Teachers & 30 Conversational English Teachers at University (See Pictures of the Univeristy Campus:


Watch our intro video to learn if this community of intentional adventurers is what you are called to join:

Approximately 55 of our 140  foreign faculties teach Oral English classes which are offered for Freshman and Sophomores. Every year we hire about 20 new Oral English Faculty. If you come with a spouse, he/she may be able to teach one of these classes. Families encouraged to join our faculty! We have 11 families on staff with children. Other partner schools are looking to us for teachers, too. Learn more at


  • Airfare to China  
  • Return Airfare - with completed one year contract  
  • Medical Care Allowance  
  • Accident Insurance  
  • Apartment:
    (family housing apartments are larger, request pictures if you are a family)  
  • Internet and Utilities Paid  
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Free Chinese Lessons  
  • Starting salaries range from 4,500 - 9,500 RMB a month depending on degree attained and other factors, with annual raises. Higher salary for higher degrees. (In 10 months its possible to save $2000-4000 USD). Use this tool to estimate your savings: 

Professional Requirements:

  • Business teachers should have a Masters Degree or 4+ years of business experience preferred. Oral English Teachers need a BA Degree and an approved TEFL Certificate or BA and 2 years teaching experience. Higher salary for higher degrees. FYI, if you don't have a TEFL Certificate that's not a problem, we can send you more information about how to get the right TEFL Certificate.
  • Professional or informal teaching experience preferred.  
  • The desire to interact in a cross-cultural setting.  
  • Willingness to learn and develop teaching with excellence. 
  • Degree needs to be from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. 

Moral Requirements:

  • Ability to work with a myriad of people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Willingness to enter into a foreign country with patience and diligence.  
  • Commitment to integrity and a heart of servant-leadership.  

Social Requirements:

  • You will be living in a community for 150 Foreigners with 120-300 impressionable students looking up to you as a role model. 
  • You will be expected to have interpersonal skills, be a team player, and realize life in China requires flexibility.


  Intro Video:

  School Video:

  Sample ESL Lesson:


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We will interview til positions filled. Early applicants will have more opportunities presented to them. 


Any questions? Visit our FAQ ( ) and PLEASE introduce yourself to us!

Email or Call Aaron at 209-877-7427 


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